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            STEP  6 | Organization Readiness                       The  financial  results  should  always
                    Refer to page 121 of BCBOK  V1.1           consider  the  most  conservative  scenario
                                                               (ideally the 80%-95% confidence).

                                                               TRIGER  | GO or NO GO

                                                                   Following the previous seven steps based on
                                                               reliable sources and accurate data, along with the
                                                               financial  models  that  allow  the  sensitivity
             After  the  financial  metrics  analysis,  it  is   analysis and interaction scenarios, the board of

         essential  to  have  an  overview/perception  of      directors  can  make  a  more  confident  decision
         the  organizational  environment  and                 based  on  evidence  about  the  feasibility  of  the
         preparation  to  embrace  a  new  project.  As        investment.
         specified in Step 1 (project request), based on

         the  POLDAT  technique,  there  should  be  an               STEP  8 | Benefits Tracking
         evaluation of stakeholders' maturity state who
         will suffer an impact.                                          Refer to page 132 of BCBOK  V1.1
             It is strategic to prepare a communication
         plan based on the stakeholder profile (decision

         power versus impact) and to ensure a smooth
         transition and project implementation.

                 STEP  7 | Decision Making                         The Benefits Tracking phase is equally of

                    Refer to page 127 of BCBOK  V1.1           high value as the previous ones.
                                                                   Unfortunately,  the  measurement  of  the
                                                               actual  results  is  ignored  very  often  in  most

                                                                   The  benefits  tracking  and  monitoring
                                                               should be done during the project exploitation

             All the information on the previous steps         to  measure  the  quality  of  the  investment
         should be collected and analyzed to assist the        decision-making  process  and  identify  new
         top management in making a decision (GO or            investment  opportunities  to  add  continuous

         NO GO).                                               value to the organization.
             The  SWOT  analysis  is  a  beneficial                 The business case report should be a living

         technique to present the required information         document,  regularly  accommodating  new
         for  decision-making:  it  should  state  the         updates  and  improvements  for  review  and
         strategic  alignment,  the  benefits,  the             judgment.
         investment,  and  the  organizational
         environment.                                          This article was written by the Business Case Institute®

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