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         Business Cases and BCBOK®                                     STEP  1 | Project Request
             Basing  and  initiative  on  the  return  it  will           Refer to page 85 of BCBOK  V1.1
         generate and not on the value of the idea itself
         allows us a strategic approach of the problem
         to be solved.

             It is getting urgent, day by day, that CEOs,
         Directors,  Managers,  and  Decision-makers
         adopt a clear mindset: their first mission is to           This  step  aims  to  present  the  project
         create value and control costs. Their attitude        request  in  a  formal  and  standard  procedure
         should reflect this mindset in their daily job,        way, internally. This document describes the
         d e c i s i o n s ,   a n d   r e l a t i o n s h i p s   w i t h   vision of the current problem, its major impacts
         stakeholders.  The  aim  to  create  value  and       on the business, the solution proposed, and its

         reduce  costs  should  become  an  intrinsic          benefits. It should also consider the impact of
         principle  in  any  manager's  thoughts  –  this      not doing the project. The Project Request also
         should  be  the  rule  and  not  the  exception.      states a superficial analysis of the company
         Nowadays,  managers  must  have  an                   area, processes, and system expected to suffer
         entrepreneurial  profile,  solid  market               impacts. POLDAT is one of the most popular

         knowledge, and the capacity to read customer          techniques  to  assess  all  these  pieces  of
         behaviors and needs. Together with the proper         information. (see page 89 of BCBOK  V1.1).
         methodologies  and  techniques,  these
         capabilities will allow them to make conscious             STEP  2 | Strategic Alignment
         and  confident  decisions  on  whether  an                        Refer to page 94 of BCBOK  V1.1
         investment  will  bring  profitability  and  add
         value to their organization.

             By  following  the  BCBOK   Framework
         process,  a  scientific  management  proven
         methodology,  directors,  managers,  and  top

         management  will  be  able  to  make  better
         investment decisions - decisions that will add            From a strategic perspective, after the idea
         value to their organization and ultimately to the     is presented to the Director (decision-maker),
         economy. BCBOK allows organizations to use            signed, and approved to move on to the next
         the best practices to collect reliable and rich       step,  the  initiative  proposed  must  be
         content  to  support  the  final  Management           evaluated.
         Decisions.                                            Frequently organizations waste

         BCBOK  will also guide decision-                      time predicting, planning, and even
         makers for their priority: Investing                  implementing initiatives that do not
         in suitable projects which add value                  fit the organization's strategic goals
         to the organization.                                  set for the short-medium term.

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