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The BCBOK® Framework:

                                                                    HOW DOES IT WORK?

         A brief explanation of the BCBOK® Framework that allows the reader to understand its
         importance on Business Cases production

             The BCBOK  Framework is composed of 8             for a successful business case that logic and
         steps. This article will explain each of them in a    numbers stand up and provide clear evidence

         quick approach intended to understand better          and facts, avoiding any twist of the projected
         the  value  of  this  essential  standard  on         reality.
         Business Case production. In each step, we will           Furthermore,  the  pressure  from  top

         make references to the BCBOK V1.1, recently           management  to  fulfill  the  budgets  is
         published  on  which  you  can  gather  more          exceptionally high, generating a constraint to
         information.                                          potential  initiatives  straight  from  the
                                                               beginning,  although  requiring  an  increased
                                                               investment, would provide a robust and high-
         The  Current  Context.  Why  should
         companies do business cases?                          value  return  (benefits).  For  this  reason,  the
                                                               value of any initiative must be measured by its

             The  Business  Case  is  one  of  the  most       impact on the business and not by the value of
         popular  tools  used  to  justify  an  investment.    the idea itself.
         But are organizations using it in the right terms         Nowadays, market globalization, the power
         and  process?  Do  they  involve  the  right          of  technologies,  and  social  networking  have

         stakeholders? Are they using reliable data? Is        led  to  aggressive  competition.  Meanwhile,
         there  any  monitoring  plan  during  and  after      resources are getting scarce (financial, human
         Business  Case  implementation?  Are  the             resources,  and  time).  Hence,  there  is  a  vital
         stakeholders  involved  accountable,                  need  to  rationalize  them  to  "survive"  and  be
         responsible,  and  liable  for  the  information      sustainable in the business world; there is no
         provided?  Is  top  management  aware  of  the        space for mistakes and waste.

         expected return on investment?                            The  tolerance  for  management  error  is
             It  is  time  to  face  the  truth.  Many         getting  tighter  while  responsibility  and
         organizations  worldwide  present  a  cost-           accountability  for  their  plans  and  decisions

         benefit analysis; however, most use unrealistic        increase.  Giving  a  time-to-market  response
         assumptions,  with  no  reliable  sources             and  the  ability  to  make  the  proper
         attached.  Moreover,  several  decision-makers        management  and  investment  decisions  are
         quickly fail to resist the powerful forces that       keys  to  keeping  a  company's  sustainable
         drive them to the desired answer. It is critical      success.

                  BUSINESS CASE
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