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         The world needs Business Cases

             More and more each day, we realize that           management  methodologies,  and  using
         rigor and assertiveness are essential in every        appropriate methods and techniques at each
         aspect  of  management,  especially  when             phase, is the solution to reduce the percentage
         managing other interests.                             of projects that fail and improve the results of

             In  recent  years,  the  growing  global          those that succeed.
         economic  instability  at  all  levels  brought           We  live  in  an  era  where  there  can  be  no
         additional concerns to professionals who plan,        waste,  money  is  more  expensive  than  ever,

         evaluate and implement projects of any nature.        windows of opportunity open for brief periods,
         The variables are more and more volatile.             and scarcity is global. We need to ensure the
             In the planning phase, there is less and less     success of initiatives, and the best time to start
         certainty  about  the  robustness  of  the  data      is at the beginning!

         used, both hard data and soft data, no matter             BUSINESS  CASE  magazine  is  coming  to
         how  much  competence  and  experience  the           life  in  this  context,  and  it's  the  purpose  of
         teams may have. At the evaluation phase, and          meeting it that drives us.
         especially  in  projects  with  reduced  margins,         Aware that there is still much to explore, I

         the  difference  between  obtaining  expected         believe  that  it's  of  paramount  importance  to
         results and falling into total failure is becoming    produce  a  publication  on  such  a  pressing
         smaller  and  smaller.  During  implementation,       issue. In it, we will include articles, columns,
         no matter how slight the time difference from         interviews, opinions, among others, that focus
         the  planning  phase  may  be,  the  conditions       on  specific  topics  of  the  activity  of

         encountered are invariably very different from        professionals  and  teams  that  develop
         what  was  initially  estimated.  There  are  few     Business Cases for all purposes.
         contexts  in  which  this  scenario  does  not            With  this  “zero  edition”,  we  take  the  first
         compromise  the  success  of  business                step.

         initiatives, and this is worrying.
                                                                   Because we make the path as we walk, we
             Because the inclusion of high margins for         will take broader steps and in greater quantity
         deviation in projects compromises its viability,      with  the  support  of  the  entire  international
         the use of Business Cases prepared with rigor         community  of  Business  Case  Institute

         and assertiveness is not an option. Therefore,        members,  always  keeping  in  mind  that  "The
         investment projects (or even small initiatives)       World needs Business Cases!"
         of any nature, public or private, for-profit or for
         NGOs, must consider their use, regardless of                            Horácio Lopes

         the objectives considered for the project.                              BCI® VP . Editor newDATAmagazine
                                                                                 BCP® . Management Consultant
             Producing  a  Business  Case  to  support                           Marketer . Teacher
         decision  making,  incorporating  scientific                                PROFILE

                                                                                          BUSINESS CASE
         4                                                                                magazine
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