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         The importance of Benefits Estimation

         A quick approach to step 3 of the
         BCBOK® Framework

             In this column, we will explore each month            The  Business  Case  Framework  is

         a portion of the knowledge of the Methodology         represented in the following image:
         developed by the Business Case Institute , as
         recommended in the BCBOK  (Business Case
         Book of Knowledge), because this constitutes

         essential  knowledge  that  the  Business  Case
         consultant and especially the Business Case
         Institute  members should acquire.
             Thus, edition by edition, we will focus on

         each of its steps. However, we will not follow
         the sequence of the steps that make up the
         Business Case Methodology. We will highlight
         the phases in a disordered way, according to          Image  1.  The  Business  Case  Framework.  Retrieved  from
                                                               page 81 of BCBOK® V1.1
         the theme of each magazine, without trying to

         highlight the importance of a particular step.            In  this  article,  we  will  cover  "Step  3  -
         Although some steps provide a more original           Benefits Estimation".
         contribution to the model, all play an essential          The Benefits Estimation aims to quantify
         role in its operation.                                and evaluate the impact of project benefits on

             The Business Case Framework includes a            the business and the company, which means
         set of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques       applying a robust, rigorous, and conservative
         that, when properly applied, enable quality and       way to calculate them.
         sustainable decisions to be made in alignment             In this step, you should consider the inputs

         with  the  company's  objectives  and  the            that  result  from  the  work  developed  in  the
         requirements  of  the  investment  initiative  or     previous steps, which we will now detail:
         project.                                                  The Project Request Form will allow us to
             Consisting of 8 steps, the Business Case          perform  the  benefits  estimation,  keeping  in

         Framework aims to assess the viability of an          mind  the  benefits  to  be  achieved  and  the
         investment initiative or project, i.e., whether it    intended and formalized future situation.
         creates value for the organization.                       The Strategic Alignment tells us if and how

             These steps are sequential, which means           the initiative is appropriately aligned with the
         that if one wants to proceed to the next step, it     organization's objectives. Also, the benefits of
         is necessary to have completed the previous           the  initiative  are  evaluated  against  the
         one.                                                  organization's strategic objectives.

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