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Scientific Management nowadays: Evolving and still present

         Can  one  manage  without  scientific

             Nowadays, it doesn't seem possible!

             Even  in  sectors  and  organizations  not
         traditionally  related  to  computerization  or
         technologies,  we  are  witnessing  the  radical

         transformation  of  work  processes,  placing
         under the responsibility of computers all tasks
         that  do  not  require  human  evaluation  for

         adequate performance.
             Task performance, scientific or procedural

         that keep the company's production at a good
         pace  is,  nowadays,  entrusted  to  computer
         programs that guarantee the processing of a

         set  of  data  and  transform  them  into
         i n f o r m a t i o n ,   w i t h o u t   t h e   m a n a g e r
         understanding  how  this  transformation  took            Taylorism,  in  a  pure  sense,  although  not
         place, demonstrating complete confidence in            practiced  directly  or  openly  assumed  as  the

         the  machine's  performance.  Not  making  the        basis  for  manager's  activities,  is,  without
         severe mistake of ignoring the intervention of        doubt,  widely  used  and  has  been  in  the
         technicians,  programmers,  and  application          background,  supporting  the  development  of

         managers who guarantee the reliability of "the        many  modern  theories  and  methodologies
         computer" and "the software", the truth is that       concerning management.
         the  manager's  trust  in  the  scientific  rigor  of      Being there but not being recognizable by

         computers has reached unprecedented levels.           the  "untrained  eye"  makes  scientific
             Nevertheless,  implementing  changes  to          management assume an invisible role, like a

         improve  any  organizational  process  using          river...  we  can  only  see  the  water  on  the
         scientific  management  principles  (or  others)       surface, but underneath there is the rocky bed,
         without guaranteeing that the used methods            without which the river would not exist, which
         will effectively improve business processes if        nobody sees, nobody values, but is, in fact, the

         appropriately implemented is a mistake. It is         reason for its existence.
         necessary  to  ensure  that  all  levels  of

         management and operations are aligned with                              Horácio Lopes
         the  entire  initiative,  the  implementation                           BCI® VP . Editor newDATAmagazine
                                                                                 BCP® . Management Consultant
         process  is  appropriate  and  feasible,  and  the                      Marketer . Teacher
         results are desired.                                                       PROFILE

                                                                                          BUSINESS CASE
         14                                                                               magazine
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