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Scientific Management nowadays: Evolving and still present

             With all the criticism they may receive from      equally  scientific  validation.  After  all,  in  the
         ideological currents defending the importance         end, it is the manager who decides!

         of human sensitivity at the time of the decision,
         the  truth  is  that  the  advances  of  humanity,    It is up to the manager to
         experienced  after  August  12,  1981,  with  the     consider the factors that are not
         launch  of  the  IBM  Model  5150  (IBM  PC,  the     (yet) programmable and on
         IBM's  first  personal  computer),  are  truly

         extraordinary. When I wrote this article, it was      which the "machines" are not
         precisely 40 years and 14 days since that day,        (yet) able to make the best
         and the world is not the same!                        decision, where the human

             By now, it would be easy and even tempting        factor assumes particular
         to draw a quick conclusion here and say that
         computers  are  the  solution  to  all  business      importance and prominence.
         problems. But it would be a mistake because                 We  face  ourselves  before  a  context  in

         they  are  not.  Computers  and  software  are        which  Taylor's  "The  One  Best  Way"  is
         d e s i g n e d   a n d   b u i l t   b y   p e o p l e ,   a n d   considered the basic information on which the
         vulnerabilities and flaws due to human errors          manager  asserts  his  human  vision  of  the
         h a p p e n   i n   a b u n d a n c e .   T h e   c u r re n t   process,  whether  or  not  he  accepts  the

         cybersecurity and hacking problems are proof          scientific conclusion.
         enough of these weaknesses.
                                                                   However,  technologies  evolve,  and  this
             However, as highlighted before, their ability     judgment  capacity,  which  is  still  an  almost
         to process large amounts of information in a          exclusive  competence  of  the  human  being

         repetitive, predictable, and rigorous way makes       (and of some animals), may quickly be present
         them  "the  manager's  best  friend".  Why?           in  machines  endowed  with  artificial
         Because  they  support  decision-making               intelligence  and  fully  autonomous  decision-
         processes.                                            making capacity. News circulates that these

             The role of computers in data processing          "thinking machines" already exist, but it is clear
         tasks, transforming them into information, is         that there is still not enough confidence in the
         an added value and an excellent asset for the         results.
         modern  manager.  Areas  of  knowledge  and               Despite  everything,  more  circumscribed

         methodologies  already  mentioned,  such  as          processes  of  using  artificial  intelligence
         computerization,  ERP,  automation,  Business         techniques,  in  contexts  of  more  informed
         Intelligence,  Robotic  Process  Automation,          decision  and  with  lower  degrees  of
         digital transformation, etc., are only possible       predictability  and  variability,  are  already

         through computers. Despite the high degree of         implemented  in  multiple  software  solutions,
         development,  all  these  "new  management            interacting  with  other  technologies,
         tools"  are  based  on  scientific  processes  of      commercialized and with practical application
         data collection, treatment, and analysis, with        in various industries.

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