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Today, strict application of the                      Scientific method and

         Classical Theory of                                   computerization

         Administration may be                                     T h e   d e v e l o p m e n t   o f   c o m p u t i n g
         considered unfeasible.                                technologies gave management the possibility
                                                               of  processing  large  amounts  of  information
             Nevertheless, at the origin of the Classical      without loss of fidelity and with much higher
         Theory of Administration resided the need to          productivity  than  human  beings.  Computers
         replace  empiricism  and  improvisation  in  the      work 24 hours a day, perform repetitive tasks
         management  of  increasingly  complex                 with precision, have the possibility of quickly
         organizations  with  an  eminently  scientific         increasing  "knowledge",  among  many  other
         approach to make the most of resources and
         make procedures more efficient. This need has           advantages,  and  are,  therefore,  the  best
         not ceased to exist since then.                       example  of  the  application  of  science  in
                                                               companies and at work.
             Especially  in  the  formal  aspects,

         significant  advances  were  achieved  in  the             The computerization of companies quickly
         context  of  organizational  management,  but,        became  an  obligation  and  the  use  of
         due to the characteristics of each society, in its    "programs"  a  necessity.  The  discipline  of
         time  (low  education,  rigid  segmentation),         "programming"  takes  responsibility  for
         informal,  non-rational,  or  even  "irrational"      ensuring  that  programs  perform  exactly  as
         aspects were not considered, linked to human          intended. The programmer analyzes what the
         behavior. These themes would later come to be         program has to do and writes the necessary
         addressed by other builders of knowledge.             code  using  programming  languages,  later
             In a world where knowledge is spreading at        translated  by  the  computer  into  machine
         tremendous  speed,  schooling  has  increased         language, to interpret and execute the program

         dramatically, and 5.1 billion from an estimated       on  its  microprocessor"(2).  This  activity  is
         7.8 billion inhabitants have Internet access(1),      highly  logical  and  highlights  computers'
         the question arises: does it still makes sense to     mechanical character, endowed with decision
         use  scientific  management  as  a  basis  for         power  limited  to  what  the  programmer
         managing modern organizations?                        authorizes and following previously conceived
             The answer is: yes, but with context!             decision trees.

         (1)      (2)$programacao

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